Creating A Social Post To Get More Contest Entries #WatchMeWork

Enter to win a Canon EOS R:

By using this link to Tony and Chelsea Northrup's Mirrorless Camera Contest, you'll also increase my chances of winning the camera in said contest. So thanks! But I hope you win it and I think this #WatchMeWork session might just help you gain on edge on the competition.

Have you ever entered an online contest that gave you a unique share link that would get you extra entries and wished you had thousands of friends to share the link with to increase your chances of winning that toaster or bean bag chair or two thousand dollar camera!? Yeah? Me too! In this session of #WatchMeWork, I create a social post that I plan on using to increase my chances of winning a shiny new camera and invite you to tag along for the ride so you too can increase your chances of winning some dope gear.

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