Editing Buff City Soap Grand Opening #WatchMeWork

So trying to livestream/record this session... well... was an experience to say the least. Trying to expose for me and the scene behind me was not easy. It was overcast at first and I thought I might be able to pull it off and I did, then the sun came out and forced me to scramble to move the lights closer to me to try to accommodate. Then my mic batteries died... twice, once at the beginning and again at the end. And you get to watch me struggle as not only can I not figure out how to color grade this footage because I'm not necessarily good at manually adjusting color with Final Cut's color board, but I also couldn't see my screen once I got to grading the footage because I had moved the lights so close to my face in attempt to match the exposure on my face with the sun outside the window, but by the time I got to grading it was pitch dark outside and I had two glaring lights in my face and could see me screen! lol This is real life folks. The struggle is real. Lots of lessons learned during this session. lol. Now to our regularly scheduled description...

#WatchMeWork on editing an event video in Apple Final Cut Pro X for the grand opening of Buff City Soap in downtown Dyersburg, TN... while said grand opening event is still happening behind me!

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