I Was On The News!

I’ve always dreamed of being on TV. I’ve always dreamed of being on the news. I’ve always hoped if I ever realized that dream, it would be for a good cause and not because I went postal on a fast food worker for getting my son’s “plain” hamburger wrong for the FOURTH time!  Today, I did indeed realize that dream and no fast food workers were harmed in the process.

WBBJ Eyewitness News on Channel 7, West Tennesee’s ABC affiliate, traveled to downtown Dyersburg, TN to film a news story on The Mill Workspace, northwest Tenneesee’s first coworking space. As a resident member of The Mill Workspace, the reporter asked if I would be available to interview for the story about the coworking space. 

Um... Hell yeah! 

After sweating in khaki shorts and a polo while shooting vehicles for Rough Country all morning, during my lunch break, I changed into a pair of khaki pants, a button up and a tie, cleaned my sweat covered glasses, and drove down to The Mill to be interviewed for the story. The reporter shot b-roll of me working, had me state and spell my name on camera, and then interviewed me for about 5 minutes... of which, about 5 seconds actually made it into the final edit of the story... and they spelled my name wrong. lol. But what a glorious 5 seconds it is! I was on TV!

See the accompanying article on WBBJ's web site here.

AlanThe Mill Workspace